The village of Siano stands in a hollow with mountains round three sides separating it from Sarno, Castel S. Giorgio and Bracigliano. It overlooks the road leading to Castel S. Giorgio and Mercato Sanseverino. Some traces remain from Roman times and earlier periods, but the place grew up in the form of discrete settlements across the hillside from medieval times, coming under the influence of Salerno and Sanseverino. As time went by these small nuclei expanded, combining together and moving down into the plain.The town centre comprises piazza S. Rocco, elongated and sloping, with at one end the parish Church of S. Rocco, dating from the 18th century, with its massive bell tower and congrega of the Ss. Rosario.

 From the church a road leads down towards Chivano, which, like others here, lacks any buildings of particular architectonic or artistic note. There is the usual alternation of houses round courtyards and residences with doorways and internal courtyards; you can note some 18th century doorways in piperno (hard volcanic rock), the products of local craftsmen. Going back to the square and up in the direction of Sarno you come, in via S. Maria delle Grazie, to the Church of S. Maria delle Grazie, on the hillside at the foot of Monte Gatto, probably the village's first parish church.