Renaissance palace

The historical centre of Angri, in which the grid pattern of narrow streets is still recognisable from medieval times, conserves some fine examples of Renaissance architecture on the Catalan model as it developed in Campania. The best preserved fašade is on via Marconi, with an archway in tuff (volcanic rock) with the typical shape of the flat arch, adorned with hanging arches. The shields in the triangular pendentives are now blank but probably bore painted coats of arms originally. High up on the left, above the original cornice, there is one of the finest examples of mullioned windows to be found anywhere in Campania (the slim marble central column was recently removed). In the adjacent via Incoronati, no. 23, there is another archway in the same style, with a floral decoration running round it and two imitation spiral columns on either side of the entrance, perfectly incorporated into an 18th century fašade: a fine example of a well-judged juxtaposition of different styles and epochs. Another archway with a flat arch of rather less distinguished workmanship can be see in via di Mezzo, no. 3.


15th century


Di Mezzo Way


Angri's Tour

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