Cathedral of S. Prisco

The diocese of Nocera, restored in 1386 following a lapse of several centuries, was located outside the medieval conurbation of the two Noceras, in a quarter that came to be known as Vescovado. Here there was an ancient Benedictine abbey where the body of S. Prisco, a bishop of Nocera, was kept in an ancient sarcophagus (a large marble basin standing on the approach to the church is traditionally associated with the saint). The present cathedral dates from the beginning of the 17th century and was built on the initiative of Bishop Lunadoro. The commanding bell tower was built in the years 1724 - 1738 to designs by the famous painter Francesco Solimena, who did a lot of work locally. Its entrance arch gives on to a tree-lined courtyard and the fašade of the Baroque church. The interior, in the form of a triple nave, contains marble furnishings and tombs, paintings from the last three centuries and, in the chapel of the Rosary in the left hand nave, a dome with frescoes by Angelo Solimena (1671). To the left of the cathedral stands the ancient Archiconfraternity of the Rosary with a fine majolica floor.


17th century


Fraz.Vescovado - largo San Prisco


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