Church and Monastery of S. Giovanni in Parco

This monastery, situated half way up Park Hill between the former palace gardens and the convent of S. Anna, overlooks part of the historical centre of Nocera Inferiore. The building dates back to the Middle Ages (we know of a church of S. Giovanni in 955) and came into the ownership of the order of Benedictines based at the sanctuary of Montevergine, founded near Avellino in the 12th century. It was completely rebuilt during the 18th century, and then, with the expropriations of the early 1800s, passed into private ownership, suffering damage and progressive modifications. The impressive staircase that led up to it from the road is now almost completely lost to view among modern constructions. The fašade and nave of the church collapsed and were removed, so that now only part of the chancel remains with its fine flooring in 18th century large pattern majolica. The monastery (where tradition has it that Murat stayed in 1815), arranged around a cloister with pillars, is in a precarious state of conservation.


10th century


Solimena way


Nocera Inferiore's Tour

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