Church and Convent of S. Chiara

This complex stands at the foot of the hill of S. Pantaleone, on the boundary between Nocera Inferiore and Pagani, on the main through road. It existed in the 14th century, but as we see it today comprises two distinct buildings, the more recent put up following the severe damage suffered in a violent storm in 1742. The choir, façade and bell tower of the old church all collapsed,  so it had to be rebuilt. You enter through an ornate 19th century gateway in the Neoclassic style. Inside the church, at the far end of the courtyard, there are marble altarpieces and paintings including one by Angelo Solimena (1680), the venerated image of the “brown Madonna” in the second side chapel on the right and a fine early 17th century canvas depicting the Annunciation on the high altar.


13th –14th century


Santa Chiara place


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