Church and Monastery of S. Andrea

Half way up Park Hill stands the impressive monastery of S. Andrea, founded in 1563 by Duke Alfonso I Carafa for the Capuchin friars. The building, large and foursquare, still has the walls marking the exterior of the monastery, on various levels, and the garden behind the main wing, overlooking the town of Nocera. It was heavily damaged in a volcanic eruption in 1631 and promptly restored through the efforts of the townspeople. The church is in a commanding position, to the right of the monastic buildings, its fašade facing Nocera Superiore and Cava. Beside the entrance stands the beautiful but disfigured marble tomb of the founder (1581), formerly inside, where you will find wooden choirstalls, paintings and various tomb slabs. In the refectory there are paintings by Celebrano, and in the cloister tortile columns.


16th century (1563)


St. Andrea way


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