Church and Convent of S. Anna

This convent was founded in the 13th century for Dominican nuns, who still live there as a closed order today. It stands on the segment of Park Hill overlooking Pagani. The characteristic high walls surrounding the gardens and buildings of the complex give it the appearance of a walled insula. It is reached up a road that still has the old-style paving stones. The gateway opens onto a portico: to the left is the residence of the abbess; to the right stands the church, and opposite it a tall building with the nunsí quarters. The only traces of the medieval period are the architectonic decorations with conjoined arches on the bell tower and some frescoes. The church had to be rebuilt after an earthquake in 1686, but something remains of the medieval vaulting. It stands as one of the high points of Baroque art in the Sarno valley, featuring a fine ensemble of paintings by Solimena, stucco work on the ceiling and marble altarpieces.


13th century


Sant'Anna way


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