Church and Monastery of S. Antonio

Founded in the 13th – 14th century, it  has always housed a Franciscan community. The massive complex stands at the foot of Park Hill, dominating the main square of the historical centre of Nocera, close to the Caserma where once stood the residence of the feudal lord. The church has become the town’s most important religious institution in modern times. A long eye-catching staircase leads up to the Renaissance porch with its broad arch and remarkable wooden main doors. The interior is Baroque with traces of the previous Renaissance layout, and contains valuable paintings and wooden sculptures. The cloisters feature pillars and a Gothic mullioned window. The monastery houses an important art collection, with paintings and other works of art from the  16th and 17th centuries. Finally, rooms on the groundfloor are the premises of the Museum of the Agro Nocerino, set up by the Province of Salerno in 1964, displaying material from protohistoric and ancient times discovered in centres throughout the Sarno plain around Nocera.


13th – 14th century


Largo S. Antonio


Nocera Inferiore's Tour

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