Tofano Barracks

This impressive building stands at the heart of Nocera, on the site of the palace of the feudal lords Carafa. They had a celebrated garden, of which a fragment remains in the park in front of this military headquarters, laid out in about 1835 in Neogothic style. The barracks, one of the largest military buildings in Italy, was commissioned by Charles III Bourbon and built from 1751 onwards to plans by Felice Romano. Its presence dominates the urban and architectonic character of the historical centre of Nocera, rearing up on the narrow road threading round the base of the hill and constituting a prime landmark. Standing foursquare on three storeys without roofing, it  encloses a spacious courtyard that served as the parade ground. Today it continues to be the property of the Ministery of Defence.


18th century


Solimena way


Nocera Inferiore's Tour

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