Sanctuary of S. Maria dei Miracoli

This complex stands half way up Montealbino, the dense green hillside presiding over Nocera. It was founded in 1530 by the local soldier Giovan Battista Castaldo. At the outset it could boast one of the few paintings by Raphael to be found in the South of Italy, known as the Madonna d’Alba, now in Washington. In spring it is a place of pilgrimage: the faithful climb the tarmac road to the foot of the sanctuary, then the flight of stairs up to the building. It was once served by monks of the Oliveto order, who built a monastery here. It was seriously damaged by a landslide in 1745, and only subsequently reopened in 1819, when the cult of the Madonna dei Miracoli was renewed. A broad covered staircase illuminated by full-centre windows leads to the church (not visible from outside), which with its single nave is not particularly large. It has altars and side chapels, and a dome above the chancel. Inside there are epigraphs, paintings, sculptures and ex-votos.


16th century


Monte Albino


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