Necropolis of Pizzone

Like all Roman towns, Nuceria Alfaterna erected funerary monuments to its leading families just outside the walls along the main roads leading away from the town. Recently part of this necropolis has been brought to light, some 800 m. from the ancient town, along the Via Popilia between Nocera and Salerno. It presents a remarkable series of tombs, in a range of shapes and sizes. We can single out the mausoleum erected by the gens Numisia, of the  tumulus type and resembling that of Augustus in Rome; another belonging to the gens Cornelia, square and surmounted by a dome; and that of the gens Lutatia, raised up and approached by a double flight of steps.


Hellenistic (1st century BC)


S. Clemente


Nocera Superiore's Tour

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