Archeological places

Remains of the Roman town of Nuceria Alfaterna and its monuments have come to light in various places in the territory of Nocera Superiore. One of the prime sites is at Pareti, where some of the houses are built on top of ancient ruins. Some decades ago the imposing theatre of this Campanian town was excavated, with a considerable stretch of the town walls against which it had been built.  Two of the original lookout towers can still be seen. The theatre, flanked by a portico for gymnastic training and  a smaller covered theatre, odeion, is one of the largest dating from the hellenistic period in Campania; what you see are part of the cavea and the frons scenae. The large construction was built onto the walls at the southern end of the town, beneath Montealbino. It was prone to flooding, and during the Middle Ages the area was buried.


2nd century BC




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