Church and Monastery of S. Maria degli Angeli

The monastery stands on the boundary of Nocera Inferiore and Nocera Superiore, in a large open space. In 1589 the chapter of Nocera donated the land to the Franciscans for the founding of a monastery. Building work proceeded slowly, and the church suffered major damage during an earthquake in 1688. It was restored and adorned with a gateway in tuff (1712) and a ceiling painted by a pupil of Solimena, Giuseppe Guerra. The monastery was finally completed, and still has a precious library and the cloisters with pillars and fine frescoes. Inside the church there are two 16th century paintings, the one on the high altar depicting the Glory of S. Francesco being the work of Belisario Corenzio. The library has one of the most important collections of religious works in the region, with books dating back to the 16th century. Nearby there are the buried remains of the amphitheatre of Nuceria Alfaterna, with a series of medieval and modern houses built directly on top of the Roman structures.


16th century




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