Pontifical basilica of S. Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori

The monastic complex and church, on the edge of the historical centre of Pagani, at the start of the main road leading to S. Egidio-Angri, date back to the times of S. Alfonso. Alfonso had them built to replace the small monastery of S. Domenico where he lived when he first arrived in Pagani, and spent his last years here. Inside the monastery, the mother house of the Redentorist order, there is his cell, left exactly as it was after his death, and the Museo Alfonsiano, containing testimonies and personal belongings of this leading Enlightenment figure. The church, begun in 1756 and finally completed in 1806, was dedicated by the saint to the archangel Michael. The façade, markedly Neoclassical, was added in 1823 and makes a fitting culmination to the complex. A chapel in the lefthand transept, added in 1820, conserves the mortal remains of the saint, venerated by the faithful; inside there are fine altars and paintings, with high quality cabinet work in the sacristy.


18th century


S. Alfonso place


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