Sanctuary of the Madonna delle galline

The church stands in the town centre, near the road that winds across the hillside through the oldest part of Pagani, culminating in the medieval tower of Cortimpiano. It originated in the Renaissance but its current form is the result of radical restructuring during the 18th century. It is dedicated to the Madonna del Carmelo, the object of particular veneration by the townspeople, and contains a miraculous painting. The façade is richly decorated and has affinities with the nearby church of il Carmine: on either side of the entrance are large statues in stucco representing Chastity and Hope, while a fine stucco figure of the Madonna del Carmelo borne up by cherubs dominates the pediment (the gable crown collapsed during the 1980 earthquake). The interior is highly ornate: the box vault ceiling has 18th century paintings with stories of the Virgin Mary (complemented by wall frescoes illustrating stories from the bible, all recently restored). The miraculous painting stands above the high altar in a gilt frame, surrounded by saints and the Holy Trinity. In one of the chapels stands the statue of the Madonna del Carmelo, known as the “Madonna of the hens”, celebrated by pilgrims who come in from all over the region on Easter Monday for a procession which conserves something of pre-Christian cults in featuring animals.


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