Church and Conservatorio of S. Maria del Carmelo

Set up by suor Serafina di Dio in 1681, following the foundation of the convent of la PuritÓ, the complex stands at the centre of Pagani, along the road at right angles to the main square which leads to the church of S. Francesco, near the readapted Roman statue known as the Dea Lamia. The extensive Conservatorio still has part of its cloister  with traces of frescoes and a lemon tree which tradition has it was planted by S. Alfonso himself. The church, featuring a 19th century majolica floor, conserves its 17th-18th century layout, with the cabinetwork and gilt grilles for the cloistered nuns and marble altars with altarpieces.  


17th century


Matteotti Way


Pagani's Tour

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