Church and Monastery of Carmine

The complex stands at the edge of the historical centre of Pagani, on the road to Nocera, at the foot of the hill of S. Pantaleone. The first monastery and church on the site were founded by the then Count of Nocera, Francesco Zurlo for the Carmelite friars at the end of the 14th century. They were rebuilt in the first decades of the 17th century, and the monastery was dissolved in 1809, being turned into first an isolation hospital, then a prison, and nowadays serving as a middle school. The church has an impressive fašade, showing affinities with that of the neighbouring Sanctuary of the Madonna delle galline. The spacious archway leading into the porch is flanked by two statues of saints in aedicules and surmounted by a large oculus containing the scene of the Annunciation. Inside there is a painting dated 1762 by Alessio Elia, pupil of Solimena.


18th century


Carmine Way


Pagani's Tour

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