18th Century palaces

The village of Siano lacks any buildings of particular architectonic or artistic note. There is the usual alternation of houses round courtyards and residences with doorways and internal courtyards. There are some 18th century doorways in piperno, the products of local craftsmen, including one featuring a goat’s head on the keystone, put there to ward off bad luck. There are also numerous aedicules at the corners of the houses and crossroads, for this region is characterised by widespread devotion to the  saints and the Madonna. The feudal manor, in the quarter of Chivano, was sold off after the abolition of feudalism and divided up. Nowadays it is badly disfigured, the façade lost for good and the courtyard diminished; only the customary open staircase from the 18th century still survives. Near this residence stands the ancient chapel serving Chivano, originally a church for the local feudal lords, “for the convenience of the palace of the ducal court”. Since it stood some way from the palace, in 1656 it was decided to erect a new one, dedicated to the Dead, right “up against the walls of the ducal palace” (the chapel was turned into a warehouse). Over the altar there is a  fresco from the 15th –16th century, much reworked, with the Madonna della Consolazione and Ss. Sebastiano and Leonardo(?).


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