Church of SS. Sebastiano and Rocco

Siano’s main church stands in a central position, at the junction of roads running in from Chivano, Piede di Pozzo and S. Maria delle Grazie. It is in fact two adjacent buildings, each originally housing a congrega: one of the SS. Rosario and the other of SS. Sebastiano and Rocco. The latter was completely restructured in the second half of the 18th century, when it became the main church and was consecrated in 1785. The building we see today, with the bell tower on the right (possibly designed by Pietro Cimmafonte in the 18th century), underwent numerous restorations. The façade with two tiers and parastades is 18th century while the bell tower dates from the following century. Inside there is an old baptismal font, a series of 18th century paintings, an 18th century wooden statue of S. Rocco and a crypt for the deceased, which may predate the 18th century church. The congrega is set back between the parsh church and the bell tower, and was modified to permit the construction of an oratory above the church hall.


18th century


S. Rocco Place


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