Ravaschieri residence

The building stands on the edge of the historical centre, on the road running from Roccapiemonte to Castel San Giorgio. It still has some of the original walls round the complex and land at the rear. It was built by the Genoese family of Ravaschieri-Fieschi who were the feudal landowners of the stronghold from 1655 onwards. Nowadays the complex, reached through a pointed archway recalling the one in villa Rufolo at Ravello, has an interesting Neogothic aspect, dating from the turn of the 20th century, with battlements, arched cornices and casement windows. Of the original complex only the chapel remains, also endowed with a Neo-medieval fašade, standing to the right of the house. Built between 1717 and 1720 on a hexagonal groundplan, it is certainly the work of one of the foremost architects in 18th century Naples, Ferdinando Sanfelice, a relative of the Ravaschieri, and the high point of this  site. This same architect probably also built the stairwell in the central palazzo Romaldo.


18th century


Historical centre


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