Archeological places and Hellenistico-Roman theatre

In the last centuries BC the inhabitants of the valley maintained a sanctuary at Foce dedicated to the cult of fertility, connected to the source of the river god Sarno, who in Roman times was worshipped by the people of Nocera. When the site was excavated in the 1960s, a votive hoard came to light, its contents now on view in the Museum, but the sanctuary itself was not identified. Of the theatre you can see the lower part of the cavea (auditorium) with seats in local grey tuff adorned with carved armrests, the orchestra and the stage front dating from the 1st century BC, subsequently restored in the 1st or 3rd century AD, as we know from an inscription. In shape and size this theatre is comparable to the small theatre at Pompeii and the one in the Italic sanctuary of Pietrabbondante (CB). In the same area there are traces of a village of pile-dwellings going back to the 18th century BC.


1st century BC


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