Baronale Palace

This building was erected by the Tuttavilla family, the local feudal lords throughout the 1500s, although its present appearance dates from its radical restructuring in the early 1800s, when the building, which housed some of the offices of the “Università”, was ceded, together with other buildings on the square, by the last feudal owner, Luigi de’Medici, to the  owners of the mills. Still today it is the residence of the last director of the mills, cav. Napoli. The palace is U-shaped, and the garden in front has a fountain and marquise over the entrance in art nouveau style, which originally graced a hotel in Naples. There has always been talk of a domus imperialis on this site in Roman times, perhaps on account of the remains of the Claudian Aqueduct (still partly visible) in the garden at the foot of the Terravecchia quarter. The Rivo Palazzo wells up right beside the residence (giving it its name): to the left, where there is the modern municipal acqueduct (the spring, known as la Pesa, has dried up); to the right, forming a small lake in a garden at the beginning of via de’Liguori, overlooked by a terrace supported by an arch built on top of a rocky spur.


16th-19th century


Garibaldi Place


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