Del Balzo House

The villa, now the property of the noble family Del Balzo of Presenzano, was built at the turn of the 1900s as a residence for the senator Giuseppe Lanzara, a local son. On three storeys, surmounted by a central roof  loggia, it embodies the neo-Renaissance eclectic style so typical of those years, as seen also for example in the town hall and palazzo Buchy. The building is surrounded by a large and long-established garden (once even larger) with regular flower beds and tall trees; another part of the garden lies along the road opposite the villa (originally it formed a single unit) and exemplifies that taste for ruins which was much in vogue, presenting pastiches of  mock Roman ruins, as well as classical monuments, with no distinction made between genuine and imitation pieces, dotted about among the flowerbeds.


19th 20th century


Lanzara Way


Sarno's Tour

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