Sanctuary of the Madonna di Foce

The sanctuary of Madonna di Foce, the traditional place of pilgrimage for local residents on the Feast of the Assumption, stands near the source of the Sarno in an area that has been sacred to local inhabitants since ancient times. The church we see today replaced a building erected in 1520. With its fašade simply outlined by parastades and volutes, in imitation of the cathedral of Episcopio, it was begun after the eruption of 1631 and consecrated in 1720. It was substantially restored during the 20th century (for example the bell tower, inspired by St Mark's in Venice and replacing one from the 16th century, was erected in the 1950s). Of interest inside are the high altar dating from 1720 (the wall decorations and frescoes are modern) and the crypt (access to the left of the entrance), the only surviving element from the medieval complex. Discovered in the 16th century and restored in the 20th century, it contains the alleged tomb of the warrior Gualtieri da Brienne and some 14th century frescoes. The monastery, a medieval foundation of the Verginian order (traditionally instituted by the founder of the order S. Guglielmo da Vercelli in 1134), was taken over during the 1500s by the Franciscans.


13th-18th century


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