Convent of S. Vincenzo and S. Domenico

The convent of nuns of the Domenican order in Sarno, dedicated to S. Vincenzo Ferreri, was founded in 1513 by Geronimo Tuttavilla, feudal lord of the town, as a sister church to the convent of S. Anna in Nocera. It was suppressed by the French in the first years of the 19th century, becoming public property, first a hospice for beggars and later a prison (today it is abandoned). The convent covered a vast area closed off behind high walls that are still visible between via Abignente and via S. Domenico. The large complex had two entrances: one on via S. Domenico, the gateway bearing the crest of the Domenicans and remains of lancet windows belonging to the church or refectory. The other comprises a large gateway crowned by an inscription in bronze letters on a marble scroll dated 1620 commemorating Bishop Stefano Sole di Castelblanco “auctore” (above it a lunette with faint traces of the original paint). The interior, rendered unrecognisable by post-war restructuring, has some signs of cross-vaulting and frescoes.


16th century


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