D’Andrea Mills

The spinning mill was built in the early 1800s by the Società Industriale Partenopea, a group of businessmen belonging to the new bourgeoisie under the Bourbon regime. A prime mover was the minister Luigi de’Medici, the last feudal landlord in Sarno (the land and buildings which made up the new venture were virtually all owned by him). The building, recently restored and now the premises of the local health authority USL 52, is in the form of a double T with quite plain architectonic features, typical of industrial architecture in the early 19th century (one can see at the rear the chimney and casing for the transmission belts of the engines); inside are the cast-iron columns supporting the upper floors and roof-trusses (reconstructed); outside there is a paved channel for the discharge of water from the hydraulic tank which powered the whole factory.


19th century


Mercato Place - Roma Way


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