Town hall

The current building was put up in the second half of the 19th century, when the Franciscan monastery was definitively suppressed, part of it being taken over as the town hall. The most notable feature is the fašade (recently repainted) designed by A. Curri, joint builder of Galleria Umberto in Naples, summoned to Sarno by Filippo Buchy, a rich businessman and then mayor. The inspiration is eclectic, with neo-Renaissance elements combining with neo-classic and contemporary features, like the clock tower, bearing the date of completion, 1889. Inside, a grandiose atrium dominated by an open stairway recalling the 18th century residences in Sarno contains outstanding works of art coming from S. Francesco and other local churches, such as the NativitÓ by A. Arcuccio (15th century) and the 18th century Martirio di S. Andrea (in addition the municipal arms on the staircase, the picture of S. Cozzolino showing the arms and boasts of Sarno, and the ceiling in the council chamber).


19th century


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