Town hall and public park

This sizeable area just off the town centre near the old bridge of Scafati and the railway station was used in the early 19th century for a large spinning mill, one of the major enterprises in the zone. The factory workshops have been demolished, but there is still the residence of Giovanni Giacomo Meyer, the company’s founder, on the banks of the river next to the site of the old tower (demolished at the start of the 19th century). It now houses the town hall and a magnificent garden, since 1933 the Villa Comunale, covering some 17,000 square metres. With luxuriant flowerbeds, towering trees, greenhouses and areas for recreation and games, there are many notable plants, including a specimen of Jubaea spectabilis, the largest anywhere in Europe.


19th century


Oberdan St.  - Melchiade St.


Scafati's Tour

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