Powder factory Bourbon

The Bourbons decided to build the Royal Powder Works in Scafati, to replace those in Torre Annunziata which dated back to the 1600s. It was built from 1851 onwards to designs by Luigi Manzella and involved modifying the lower reaches of the Sarno to permit navigation. The factory, still standing alongside the Napoli-Salerno motorway opposite the southbound exit for Scafati, was closed in 1894 (as invariably happened, on the insistence of the local population, exasperated by continuous fatal accidents). Thereafter it became the headquarters of the Istituto Sperimentale Tabacchi (now it lies abandoned, requiring urgent renovation to serve for cultural or higher education purposes). It comprises a spacious two storey building in sober 19th century style with a pitched roof, with wings at the rear forming a square with the chapel of S. Barbara, and long workshops interspersed with avenues of leafy plane trees.


19th century


Vitiello way


Scafati's Tour

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