Sanctuary of the Madonna di Bagni

On the old main road leading from Scafati to Angri stands the sanctuary of the Madonna di Bagni, thus known on account of the small lake containing miraculous water. For centuries this has been venerated by local peasants in the festival known as ‘O Carrettone ‘e Vagne conserving pre-Christian propitiatory rites. The sanctuary, run by the Franciscans, was once part of Angri and comes under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Nocera-Sarno. The complex has an impressive façade, dating from the early 1700s, with sinuous late-Baroque lines, flanked by a square bell tower. The church, with a triple nave, is currently undergoing restoration. The porch is reached through two doors in the façade. Inside, decorated in the early 20th century, there are 18th century marble altars, a 17th century altarpiece with the image of a miraculous spring and the Madonna, in the chancel above the high altar, and ceiling frescoes dating from 1910 circa. Recently four 18th century paintings of saints were stolen from altars in the transept.


17th – 18th century


SS. 18


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