Parish church of S. Maria delle Vergini

In the town centre next to the bridge over the Sarno and the ancient tower (no longer standing) stands the town’s main church, comprising two buildings at right angles to each other: the parish church, dating from the 1600s but now in an 18th century version, flanked by the squat bell tower erected in the early 1900s. Inside, on the high altar there is a magnificent 16th century polyptych with the Madonna, saints and scenes from the life of Christ, altars and a marble baptismal font dating from the 18th century, as well as other 16th and 17th century paintings including one with the Madonna del Rosario; the confraternity has a fine marble altar from the 18th century and the wooden statue of S. Maria delle Vergini, the town’s patron saint, dated 1713.


18th century


Place Vittorio Veneto


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